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Meals out of packets and jars

Hello! I'm trying to get back into cooking after a long period of builder- and illness-related disruption, so I thought I'd start using this comm again to try to motivate myself and have a record of things I try. In the meantime, everyone in the household has been diagnosed with new physical and/or mental health conditions, and I've taken up triathlon training, so my time is even more at a premium than before. There are definitely going to be times when all I want to do is throw things together out of packets and jars, so I'm making a running list of options (that I know I like) for ease of reference and shopping:

*Pasta with quorn meatballs, Seeds of Change Bolognese Sauce and parmesan
*Waitrose Makhani sauce with quorn chicken pieces and frozen chopped spinach (in the Waitrose bags, 2 "medallions" of spinach per person is about right), with rice
*Pizza bases/dough mix with pizza sauce, mozzarella, other toppings
*Soup with brown ciabatta
*Quorn chicken and green beans in Seeds of Change Tikka Masala Sauce with rice
*Quorn chicken and veg in Blue Dragon Satay Sauce
*Chilli made with Cooks Ingredients mole sauce, onion, Quorn mince or Quorn steak pieces, 1 can tomatoes, 1 can kidney beans, sour cream, rice
*Schwartz Chilli Con Carne mix with rice (needs 1 can tomatoes, 1 pack quorn mince, 1 tin kidney beans, sour cream)
*Quorn chicken and veg in Chicken Tonight Honey & Mustard sauce with rice or pasta
*Linda McCartney pies with mash and peas
*Quorn steak or Tivali vegetarian schnitzel with potato wedges and peas
*Schwartz Sausage Casserole mix with mash and frozen parsnips (needs 1 onion, 1 pack quorn sausages, and 1 tin peppers & sweetcorn)
*Schwartz Somerset Pork Casserole mix with mash (needs an onion, 1 pack quorn sausages, 1 cooking apple and apple juice)
*Hairy Dieters cassoulet mix with tofu grill sausages
*Hairy Dieters paprika sauce with quorn chicken and peas

Feel free to add your own in the comments!
Tags: cheese, chilli, convenience foods, indian, indonesian, kidney beans, lizw, pasta, pizza, quorn, rice, sausages, tivali, tivall, tomatoes, vegetarian

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